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Jiangsu general cargo elevator specifically for all types of commercial buildings and industrial buildings universiade loads cargo demand and design, to meet the factory, production line, warehouse, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls and other places of freight at the same time, have a safe and stable, strong advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving environmental protection, finally provide cost-effective ideal solution, is the first choice of modern industry and services, freight elevator.
Jiangsu general cargo elevator have capsules of various sizes, the maximum load of up to 5000 kg, meet all kinds of specifications, size and weight of the goods vertical transportation needs. Ample space is the goods and the best protection for the cargo lift itself. Not narrowly and impatient because of loading and unloading of goods and equipment damage. Jiangsu general cargo elevator efficient and stable, the mature technology. Jiangsu general cargo elevator powerful host, high quality components and materials are solid guarantee steady delivery performance. Jiangsu general cargo elevator firm structure, each size capsules car wall all can according to user requirements with a crash barrier and rugged palankeen antiskid plate, to the customers the confidence of the mission will reach. The larger the door width, convenient pass in and out of the goods. Regardless of the heavy load, its running speed, smooth layer precision are not affected, and security, the goods reach the destination smoothly.

Jiangsu general elevator is committed to providing the best quality products, for jiangsu general cargo elevator products, please contact the local sales staff.

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