Jiangsu general elevator co., LTD. Will the international leading level of elevator technology introduced to China, and synchronous development to adapt to the Chinese market of high-quality passenger elevator products, create a selection elevator


High reliability , longer service life

Drive, the chain and the cascade system are strictly abide by the national quality standards for manufacturing and configuration. All main components are through strict test, to ensure quality. Reducer, made through advanced process with load dispersion in meshing tooth surfaces with a greater contact area, smooth running, friction reduction, longevity, driving more efficient. Ring attached to the belt type hand strap guide and drive systems, handrail driving wheel with special outer processing, to ensure that the best friction, guarantees the handrail belt over voltage distortion at the same time, reduce wear and improve the reliability, extend the life of the armrest. Apron board, both inside and outside cover plate and the floor plate, material selection, smooth solid, durable. Soft stop function, avoid the fierce parking caused by the wear and tear.

 Comfortable and quiet running from advanced design and fine manufacturing

Jiangsu general our escalator ashkenazi industrial design ideas, unique noise reduction technology, quiet operation. Advanced manufacturing equipment, strict management, excellent selection components, USES the mature and stable tooling mold, process effectively advanced. Each escalator is in accordance with the requirements of quality management, the whole assembly completed in the factory, according to the actual conditions of use test run, the scene is in place, again strict serious debugging, to ensure the quality of excellent operation.

We put the safety in the first place

Jiangsu general escalator completely conform to the latest escalator safety standard. On this basis, the jiangsu general escalators more has a number of security features, exceed safety standards, to provide a more intimate protection. Jiangsu general escalator configuration has a comprehensive security protection system, provide perfect protection to ride the crowd. Configuration apron brush, safety rails into the mouth, such as protection, effectively eliminate the danger of careless children moving. In addition, the long axis design of stepped shaft, absorption of cascade surface around the degree of pressure, more comfortable for passengers. Against fire, jiangsu general escalator can also according to the requirements, the escalator FAS system interface is installed inside, accept the fire alarm, stop running.

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