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Jiangsu general elevator co., LTD., the passenger elevator products, in the intelligent charging control system, traction machine and control cabinet also use a mini light-weight design, make more compact, absorbing the quintessence international leading elevator design technology, and has a fashion aesthetic decoration, adhering to the general elevator safety reliable, smooth and comfortable people-oriented design concept, is the new generation of passenger elevator product model.
Jiangsu general passenger elevator in research and development in the whole process of the design and manufacture is the design concept of high quality, high efficiency, energy saving. Extensive use of industry leading technology products, such as: gearless permanent magnet synchronous (PM) technology, 32-bit microcomputer control technology, intelligent machine technology, etc. The performance of the compact design, save energy, maintenance-free operation, and reduce the vibration and noise is the highlight of jiangsu general passenger elevator performance excellence. At the same time, through the international advanced equipment and processing technology to ensure product quality, such as: large automatic laser cutting, electrostatic powder coating processing technology, numerical control high precision machine tools. Capsules of distinctive decoration scheme, a new design of a variety of control box and layer station call, make the elevator interior and exterior fashionable atmosphere, harmonious blend in different architectural style. Jiangsu general passenger elevator has the leading technology, quality, reliable, comfortable, energy-saving and environmental protection operation and the characteristics of beautiful decoration.

Jiangsu general passenger elevator load range up to 630 kg to 1600 kg, speed covering 1.0 m/s to 2.5 m/s, and complete with many configuration options, can completely for residential, office buildings, hotels and other different application environment to provide the most suitable solution.

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