Company Profile

General elevator professional partner in China

The elevator installation association professional committee of China, director of the unit

China's choice of green environmental protection brand enterprise recognized by the country

China elevator association annual production capacity of more than 5000 manufacturing enterprises

With high-tech product certificate of national energy saving elevator equipment experimental production center

Once installed elevator 48 highest layer, the maximum load of 5000 kg, Max speed 6 m/s

Has become a national high and new technology enterprise

Elevator produced top ten export production base in China

International brand elevator China top ten professional brand elevator

With grade A qualification of the enterprise manufacturing Have A level installation maintenance qualification enterprises

China's national copyright administration awarded general elevator remote monitoring management system software registration certificate

With core national invention and utility model patent more than 50 pieces


Jiangsu general Elevator Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a high-tech professional elevator manufacturing enterprise of Sino US cooperation is successful, large elevator manufacturers set elevator R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance as one of the. Jiangsu general elevator and its development can be traced back to the 80′s of the last century, the original general elevator company formerly known as the special zone construction made outstanding contributions, in elevator industry for more than 20 years installed elevator speed is 6m/s, the highest floor 48, the maximum load of 5 tons, project participation in the 5 “Luban prize”.
Based on the general technical side, Yang An group made a major strategic decision, investment elevator manufacturing, Jiangsu general Elevator Co. to extend to the upstream in the original professional, elongate thickening industry chain. That year, the new plant covers an area of nearly 100 acres of one phase of the project officially opened. Comprehensive office building of nearly 10000square meters modern standard workshop, R & D center, product marketing,technical training, remote monitoring and other functions of the stands in the full of vigor and vitality of the Guangling industrial park.

Jiangsu general Elevator Co., Ltd. as the elevator manufacturing enterprises a professional. Company carve, continuous development, the introduction of domestic and foreign high accuracy, high intelligence, multi function CNC punching and shearing machine, bending machine and other production equipment, technology and innovation as the core, the introduction and development of both. The general has a strong design and manufacturing center and the world advanced production technology and equipment, the manufacturing technology level of first-class quality, provide a solid guarantee for the production of high quality products. Through standardized management, strict control, to provide customers with reliable quality products.

Since its inception, has always been to care for employees as the guiding ideology, constantly improve the staff’s production, life and entertainment environment, attracting a large number of highly educated, high-quality technical and management personnel.

At present, the company has entered a new round of high-speed growth period, because of excellent product quality, thoughtful service, reasonable prices, business scope has covered all over the country, and exported to overseas countries. With the continuous development of enterprise, the company introduced ISO9001 quality management system standards, establish and perfect after sale service network and mechanism!

Production equipment

CNC hydraulic press brake

A corner of workshop

welding manipulator

laser cutting machine

Large painting line

CNC 32 station press


CNC shearing machine