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Jiangsu general home elevator, let your home so special

Jiangsu general household elevator designed especially for private villas, each villa elevator is unique, professional design and layout tailored for you, we change for you. Jiangsu general household elevator achieve the perfect combination of comfort and energy saving, make the elevator and villa, foil each other, improve the quality of construction, enjoying convenient at the same time, for your warm, comfortable home life for the better.
We know your expectations for villa elevator, we use a professional attitude to achieve:
Quiet – we will be the permanent magnet synchronous gearless driving technology is applied to our villa elevator, the revolutionary application would reduce the noise of the elevator drive system greatly, running noise and air conditioner only when the wind is.
Green energy saving – gearless permanent magnet synchronous technology significantly reduces the energy consumption of traditional elevator, cooperate MEV intelligent standby energy saving plan, only equivalent to an ordinary refrigerator energy consumption of daily energy consumption.
Smooth – because of professional planning to help all the way, the application of advanced technology, first-class installation technology, we are confident you will be as quiet as a static ride experience.

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