Career Development


Give you a piece of the sky , flying free ;
give you a stage , the interpretation of the future

You will be in jiangsu province general experience different professional experience, in this case, you’ll be working with jiangsu general grow up together, we will be trying to create employee with jiangsu general win-win! Gm in jiangsu, we together chasing dreams, to explore China’s elevator manufacturing business. Opened by technology to mechanical manufacturing spirit, steadfast, rigorous, have a lot of perseverance and open the door to walk with jiangsu general, full of passion and dream, irrigate eternal lift the world by his wisdom.

Using one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing technology, will insist on manufacturing the steadfast, rigorous, very has the spirit of perseverance and openness as own duty, is jiangsu general man with no regrets youth continue to pursue the glorious dream. We believe, holding your hand, we together, chase the dream will accelerate the speed of the process, the quality will improve, will be more fun.

Yesterday, we had used the youth sweat compose China elevator manufacturing miracles;

Today, because you choose to join in and become a jiangsu general people proud proud;

Tomorrow, jiangsu gm will be because you are our efforts to pursue their dreams and honor;
Come on, dreams of people, let us blew assembly, toward the same goal holding hands together, that is ——jiangsu general people’s strength!