Energy saving elevator Lead building a low-carbon future

In recent years, the continuous development of China’s real estate industry, building energy consumption has been able for the first energy consumption of China’s society, accounting for about 30% of the total social energy consumption in china. Reduce building energy consumption has become China’s energy-saving emission reduction, to create the first task of low carbon economy.
The scarcity of city land and building technology makes the city more and more high-rise buildings, elevator energy consumption followed by increasingly large, accounting for about buildings with about 25% electricity. At present China has become the world’s largest market for new elevator. The expert predicts, Chinese elevator market in the next 10 years, will maintain an annual growth rate of 20%, the average annual sales of more than $50000000000. Relatively speaking, our country currently in use all kinds of elevator, energy-saving elevator only account for about 10% of the total, environmental protection and energy-saving elevator market has great potential.
According to the real estate e-commerce platform Sina estate nets statistics, developers direct elevator purchasing, parameters of energy saving elevator products has become an important index in procurement, intelligent, efficient, elevator products of environmental protection has become the development trend of elevator industry. In a growing number of developers in the purchase, the elevator is no longer the simple building materials procurement, developers on the elevator products brand and quality at the same time, the supplier subsequent installation maintenance ability has become an important factor in the final purchase. In view of this phenomenon, gradually increasing in terms of installation and construction scheme, the personnel allocation, service content into the elevator, in response to the current developers and government procurement requirements.
Despite the rapid development of energy-saving elevator technology in China, in the development of the industry is still in some problems can not be ignored. At present, the elevator energy consumption measurement is still difficult, elevator product energy consumption measurement for molding products, the total energy consumption and production of elevator products itself using cycle process is difficult to measure, the measurement data and the actual energy consumption caused by the difference of. The future of elevator products focus on energy saving at the same time, considering the safety and user-friendly design, avoid care for this and lose that.